Tuesday, September 20, 2011

book smart

I love a good coffeeshop and this one really flips me on my head...or side. D'Espresso opened on the lower East side in Manhattan just a few blocks from the NY Public Library. The concept is brilliant. Anurag Nema and his team at nemaworkshop designed the cafe with a nod to its unique location--but with a trippy twist. The owner, Mr. Kagansky, plans to open 10 more in Manhattan and other major cities. “The next one will be completely upside down,” he said.

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Nauseating or genius?..I think maybe a little of both. Can't wait to visit.

D’Espresso, 317 Madison Avenue (42nd Street)

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  1. As you and your brother and sisters used to say, "that makes me nachos." I would have to take a pass on coffee at D'Espresso but I can think of about a million other people who would love it up.